Kim Erickson - Creativity Patron

"I recently discovered Dawn Langstroth online singing a duet, "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do". I enjoyed her music so much, I wanted to find out more about her. What I discovered was, not only does Dawn sing beautifully, she is also a skilled artist. Her unique style and the rich color she uses caught my eye. 

What speaks to me about Dawn's work is that she is able to capture what is special about her subject and bring it to life on canvas. Whether a crisp, fall day, the sweetness of her dog Mikey, or the comfort of a special room, the admirer feels what the artist is trying to convey.

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I was very happy to discover that Dawn sells her work online. Wondering if she would do a commissioned piece, I sent an email to the address on her website. Dawn's assistant replied very quickly. To my excitement, she confirmed that Dawn does do commissioned work. So I placed my order!

Originally, I asked for either a painting of the state of Texas (Texas pride) or of a snowbird (because of the beautiful relationship between Dawn and her mother). After thinking about it a little more, I knew I wanted it to be of a snowbird. 

Part of the fun of the whole process was not knowing all of the details. I only knew the work would be of a snowbird. I left the rest up to the artist.

I am absolutely thrilled with my painting! I could not have asked for more. It is beautiful! The "wonky" style is so fun. The shades and tones all flow together in beautiful harmony. The brush strokes on the snowbird itself are detailed and soft. 

I can't say enough about how much I love this very special painting and what a great experience this was.

I am very proud to be an owner of a Dawn Langstroth original!"

Kim Erickson

Dallas, Texas