Embrace The Wonky

Unique and whimsical art that transports you to a familiar place you've never been...  

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Dawn Langstroth’s paintings understand Canadiana with an expert eye that captures the silhouettes on our horizon that tell us who we are.

Mike Myers

Dawn’s art never fails to inspire me. I feel like I enter into a new world – one that has no limits or boundaries. She makes ordinary things profoundly extraordinary, which is truly a wonder.

Jann Arden

“… unlike Colville and Pratt who have taken their paintings to the extremes of starkness and coldness, you fill yours with warmth and comfort. In your paintings, straight lines of buildings, doors…have the waviness of a comfy duvet, old upholstered armchair, or an old rumpled wool sweater.”

Mary Mouzar, Hunts Point, Nova Scotia

Dawn’s painting is among my most prized possessions. It makes me smile and reminds me of the homeland. Dawn is a funny lady and her wicked wit and intelligence shine through in her artwork. Her paintings fairly crackle with life and motion.

Deborah Theaker

Dawn’s sense of colour is subtle yet vibrant. She conveys a sense of whimsy that never ever spills into quirkiness. The more you look, the more you see.

Susan Crowe

What I love about Dawn’s style is how she can take a sometimes quite unremarkable subject and turn it into something so beautiful and interesting. Every time I see one of Dawn’s paintings of a house or location I think "I would love to live there!"

Cindy Church

Dawn has a way of transforming everyday life into magical scenes that leave impressions in our minds. Looking at my painting each and every day in my condo, I am taken back to that spot in Mykonos through Dawn’s whimsical interpretation and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chris Brunton

Dawn has the exceptional talent to take an inanimate subject and breathe life into it, creating an exciting, pleasing and unique piece of art.

Bill Swinimer

Every time I look at my painting I smile. There is both a whimsy and a groundedness that speaks to the essence of what home means to me.

Teri Trede


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