Dawn's Videos!

Mary Rose holds one of the largest collections of Dawn Langstroth art. Along with her latest acquisition 'Golf Shoes', she also has many other originals and prints including 'Butterfly', 'The Magpie', 'Chapel at Mount Allison' and many more. Take a look at Mary Rose's full  collection here: Collection

To order all of Dawn Langstroth's prints check out her print store here: Art Prints

On July 28, 2018, Dawn presented a commissioned painting to her client. This was her reaction. 💕

Anne Murray Day 2018 was such a fun day! 

Dawn and Michelle have a nail appointment at the Salon! Grab a coffee/tea/beverage-of-choice and come along on a beauty day excursion! 

"I LOVE to swim and do so nearly every other day, so while I was in Florida last month, I got a birthday gift from a very kind Creativity Patron of mine... An Olympus TG-5 Tough camera. I am THRILLED to have the chance to not only use this incredible tool, but own it. Thank you so much, MK. 😀 Here I am swimming and testing out my new camera! I hope you enjoy it!"-Dawn

 Random adventures in painting! 

I haven't been clothes shopping in about 10 years and since all my clothes seemed to have holes in them, Mom thought it was time that I buy some new ones. This was our trip to the mall in Florida. I ramble on about all kinds of silliness, so if you like that kind of thing, enjoy! I'm so fortunate to have my mom around and I love her very much.


More shopping adventures in Florida with Mom, a chill morning by the pool, and a bit of crochet. Simple little getaway. Hope you enjoy!


 Hello folks! I thought I would make a colour chart with all of the pens/markers that I use for my art for reference purposes! Here is the process... Music by the Most Excellent DJ Quads!

Time lapse video of Dawn trying to figure out how to use procreate! Enjoy! Music Credit: Highwire Heart (D. Langstroth/ M. Gerrard/ C. Ward)

In 2010 on my trip with Sylvia Swann across the southern states. We got to ride an airboat, I got motion sick, and I got to hold a gator!