Creativity Patrons - Crystal Berezuk & Allyson Donnelly

After having purchased Dawn’s album and fallen in love with her music, we wanted to know more about her. In doing a little research, we discovered her artwork. We were immediately drawn to her unique style, use of colour and interpretation of everyday things. It wasn’t long after that we knew that we just had to commission a piece for our home!

After finding out that we could submit a photo of our own and have her interpret it in her way, we had to make it happen!

We spent many days considering which photo to submit & after much thought, we chose one that we had taken while visiting a dear friend in Kenora, Ontario on beautiful Lake of the Woods. It had been a goal of ours to make the transition from busy, city life in Winnipeg, to a much more relaxed life in nature, to focus on what matters most, on what life should really be about. Dawn’s beautiful painting of that photo inspired us to keep moving forward and work toward our goal.  We are happy to say that just over two years ago, we made our dream a reality! We have moved to Kenora, a gorgeous little place in Northwestern Ontario - a popular tourist destination and cottage country for so many, but year-round home to us. 

Dawn’s work continues to have an impact on us.  We find ourselves admiring the painting almost every day, even after all these years. It is beautiful. We are surrounded by beauty and Dawn’s piece enhances the world around us. It is calming, yet vibrant, warm, yet bold.

"On The Dock" ~ 16"x 20", acrylic on canvas, Dawn Langstroth ©2012

Through  Dawn's colour choices and her unique interpretation of a familiar photo, she conveys emotion and nostalgia, serving as a most pleasant reminder of what we have accomplished.

Crystal Berezuk & Allyson Donnelly

Kenora, Canada