Deb Theaker - Creativity Patron

"I first learned of Dawn's artwork through her website. I was a fan of her work as a singer/ songwriter but I had no idea she was such a gifted artist! It often tends to follow that music and art are somehow intertwined. There are some very talented painters in the music world.

The piece that Dawn painted for me, a wonderfully wonky Tim Horton’s cup, came out of a conversation we had one day about quintessentially Canadian imagery. I absolutely love it. No, I treasure it. There is something very evocative about a steaming paper cup of coffee on a cold winter morning. If I had a loonie for every time a fellow Canadian actor/artist/civilian said they loved the painting, I'd be beyond loaded. I get so many compliments on it, I’ve lost track. It never fails to make me smile. There is so much life and energy to the vivid reds and greens of the canvas that your eye is drawn, irresistibly, to it. There is no mistaking Dawn’s style.....she’s a lively, witty, subversive de-constructionist.


Her work is whimsical, inherently subversive, but always joyful. Dawn herself is a wicked wit, and I find her sense of humour flows from her work. She has a style uniquely her own. The stylized, illustrative quality of her painting is really fascinating. It’s as though everything is transformed when viewed through her prism and that she is your guide to the distorted parallel universe that only she can access. I absolutely love her work. It is soulful and alive."

Deb Theaker

Los Angeles, United States