Yvonne Quinn & Natasha Bartlett - Creativity Patrons

Natasha Bartlett, Yvonne Quinn & Robbie Bartlett

"Growing up in Parrsboro, NS (very near Springhill) I was always a fan of Anne Murray’s and so it was through her Mother’s Facebook page that I was first introduced to Dawn’s Art. Two things I learned from clicking on that post – Dawn is an extraordinarily talented artist and a truly gifted singer. I became an instant fan. The music part was easy, I just downloaded everything I could find. But choosing a piece of artwork took a bit more time. Such wonderful pieces, all unique in their own way, but which one was the right one for me? Over the next few months I checked Dawn’s website regularly and contemplated buying several different paintings and then one day I saw 'Paradise Revisited' and I immediately knew this was the one!

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Every time I pass it, now prominently displayed in the reception room of my Inn in Shediac NB, I stop and smile. It evokes childhood memories of lazy, carefree, summer days swinging on my Grandmother’s hammock which was strung between the corner of her house and a large stately tree. And there is also my beloved Northumberland Strait in the background, a place of peace and contentment for me. That’s the feeling part, but then when you look at the detail of the tree bark, the siding on the house, the play of shadows, the reflection in the window and the composition of all the elements that’s when you see the incredible artistry and talent that it takes to create such a piece. Oh yes, and it is “wonky”!! I like to think I too am a little wonky! So it’s a match made in Paradise!

Pugwash Living Room 

About a year after purchasing 'Paradise Revisited', my daughter, Natasha Bartlett, had a similar “ah ha moment” when she first saw 'Pugwash Living Room'. Another email to Dawn and it now hangs proudly in her Toronto living room. Like most Mother/Daughters we don’t always agree or have the same taste, but on this we do agree – we are both proud to own original pieces of art by Dawn Langstroth!!!"

Yvonne Quinn

Shediac, New Brunswick