Steve Smith (a.k.a. Red Green)

"Dawn has a special ability that allows her to start with something you care about and then find a way to capture, enhance, expand and immortalize it."
-Steve Smith

"This past winter, I was told that Steve Smith collected classic cars. I LOVE to paint classic cars... The designs of these cars fascinate me and I got the chance to meet Steve in Florida. He agreed to let me take some photos of his collection for a possible painting and after looking at my portfolio online, he was eager to buy whatever I came up with! Here is Steve with his ' 1947 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet' ©2015."

When Steve received the painting of his Lincoln Continental, he then asked me to paint two more of his cars! I was flattered and THRILLED to get started!
Again, I visited with Steve and his beautiful vintage cars and got to take photos, this time in front of Mel's Diner for his plum coloured Mercury in my painting "Plum Merc at Mel's Diner". Here is some more information about Steve's car:
1951 Mercury 4-door sedan with suicide rear doors. The drive train is 350 c.i. Chevy V8 with 3 speed automatic. Power steering, power brakes, power windows, keyless entry and vintage air have been added. The colour is Purple Haze. And Thrush Glasspaks give her that iconic 50's rumble.


Check out Steve's 1929 Oldsmobile below!


 "Hand It Over!"~ 16"x 20", Acrylic on Canvas, ©Dawn Langstroth

For "Hand it Over", I wasn't sure where I wanted to set  Steve's 1929 Oldsmobile, until I caught sight of the Wells Fargo bank logo at the Drive-Thru. The logo is a stage coach, and this Olds was built by designers who all came from the stage coach industry. The setting was clear! I loved twisting the past and present together in this piece. So much fun!