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Printing, Stretching, Packaging and Delivery can take up to 6-8 weeks. 

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*Dawn’s prints are ready to hang, which means that because she offers gallery wrapped canvas, the print has a finished look that makes framing unnecessary, but is always an option.

Giclée print of Dawn Langstroth's acrylic painting:

Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", © 2015. 

Note: Due to increased demand, Dawn is unable to personally sign prints.

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Read Mary Rose Chapman's story about her discovery of "Groceries" here.

“Groceries” is the only self portrait I’ve done in my style. It depicts my favourite sport when I go to Florida during the winter: Shopping! I marvel at the ease of it compared to shopping at home. In Canada, one requires mitts, a hat, a huge coat, boots and if the coat doesn’t cover our necks sufficiently, a scarf. Then, if it has been outside for any length of time, the car needs to be started and warmed up for 5-10 minutes while you scrape the windshield and windows. Sometimes, you need to dig it out of the snow before you do anything!  If during all this your fingers have gone numb, it might take awhile to get the feeling back into them before you can leave. In Florida, you don the denim shorts & flip flops, grab the keys, a purse and GO. Which would you prefer?

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